2019 TP eDNA

The EDNA platform specializes in the metabarcoding approach to identify microbial, animal and plant communities using environmental samples (soil, water, feces, etc.). Usually, DNA metabarcode is designed according to the scientific question, and targets multi-copy DNA (chloroplast DNA, mitochondrial DNA, nuclear ribosomal DNA). The eDNA platform can provide support for:
  1. the design of experiments according to the scientific question, technical constraints and strategy to ensure data quality;
  2. large-scale DNA extraction;
  3. large-scale DNA amplification;
  4. the outsourcing of sequencing with a company that provides a high quality service for amplicon sequencing;
  5. the analysis of the raw sequences towards the production of a rating table that will later be analyzed by the ecologist;
  6. the discussion on scientific interpretation according to the potential pitfalls of the metabarcoding approach.

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