2019 TPgrand PLANAQUA Mesocosmes 2Aquatic mesocosms with a volume of several hundred liters to several cubic meters for outdoor experiments. This technical platform is dedicated to the experimental study of aquatic ecosystems, and includes a set of highly complementary experimental basins to explore the dynamics of stagnant freshwater ecosystems. The evolutionary and functional dimensions of aquatic ecosystems can be addressed, as well as constraints related to physical heterogeneity (turbulence and sediments) and temperature increase. The platform includes three types of experimental basins (standard ex situ mesocosms, wave-beater mesocosms and in situ mesocosms suspended from a floating pontoon), allowing different types of questions to be answered. The device allows experimenters to carry out a large number of in situ measurements in an automated or punctual way thanks to a dedicated set of instruments. The experimental systems are supplied with water from the urban network or from rainwater harvesting.

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