2019 PLANAQUA macrocosmesThis technical platform includes 16 "artificial lakes" of 750 m3, equipped with automatic instrumentation, allowing researchers to work in conditions very close to nature. Each lake is equipped with a device for continuous measurement of physico-chemical parameters in the water column (oxygen, temperature, pH, chlorophyll a total) and is characterized by the presence of 2 shallow coastal areas implanted with macrophytes. Aquatic macrocosms are capable of hosting top-of-chain species for long periods of time, have realistic food webs, and are characterized by a spatial complexity close to that of natural ecosystems. Unique in the world, they make it possible to address issues that have not been addressed experimentally: couplings, complementarities, transfers between pelagic, coastal and benthic areas; or those related to the dynamics and complexity of animal communities at the top of the chain.

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