2019 TPgrand Theix Laqueille 6

The plots of the Theix-Laqueuille permanent grassland system allow a long-term study of the relationship between management practices and the mid-mountain climate (to learn more about the ACBB system, click here). The permanent grasslands of the Theix-Laqueuille system are subject to different management methods in order to analyse grassland responses in terms of community structure (plant and microbial) and ecosystem functioning. The experimental management methods focus on two gradients, i) the use rate of grass by grazing (disturbance level) and ii) nutrient availability (fertilization level).

These permanent grasslands are equipped with instrumentation (see also ICOS-France) for one of the Laqueuille parcels, to continuously measure environmental data, including greenhouse gases (GHGs) and meteorological data. Regular monitoring also makes it possible to measure forage production and quality, the physico-chemical characteristics of the soil, and nutrient leaching. Plant, earthworm and microbial communities are also characterized.

2019 schema Theix Laqueille

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