2019 TP OLA echantillonnage

The in situ intervention means make it possible to sample and measure bio-physical-chemical parameters in lakes at different depths along the water column. This service relies on means at the lake consisting of 4 boats equipped with winches (electrical or mechanical), their trailer and a van type vehicle to move them. The available equipment allows:

  1. water sampling (discrete or integrated depth) using sampling bottles (freeflow or integrating bottles; Pelletier integrated sampling bell),
  2. plankton sampling (bacterioplanton, phytoplankton and zooplankton using special sampling bottles or nets),
  3. in situ measurements via multi-parameter probes (vertical profiles of physico-chemical parameters: Temperature, O2, pH, Conductivity,...) & high frequency temperature sensors (Tinytag),
  4. the use of fishing gear (nets, pelagic trawls, bongo, etc.) and hydroacoustic gear (on-board or autonomous via the Harle UAV).

    To learn more about this service, follow this link.
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